Future Exhibitions

June - Ben Mowll RSMA ROI

July -  Gareth Brown RSMA

Art Consultancy

New for 2024

Tonic Gallery, Salcombe are now offering an art consultancy service.

Needing some professional advice and inspiration for artwork to suit your home and your style, with over 20 years of experience we are offering our knowledge and creativity to help curate your own inspirational space.

For more details call Charlotte Ramsden on 07734532101 or email us at info@tonicgallery.co.uk


The Tonic Gallery specialises in Marine Art of the surrounding area with a variety of artists exploring the natural coastline and has a particular focus on originals and ceramics. We represent artists such as Ben Mowll Past President of the Royal Society of Marine Artist, Mike Bernard of the Royal Institute, Lucy Pratt, Tony Williams R.S.M.A and Greg Ramsden. The Tonic Gallery also displays ceramics from across the nation by Craig Underhill, Adela PowellHilary LaForce, Bridget Macklin Alex McCarthy, Lamorna Gore and many more.

The Artist Greg Ramsden - International Multi Award winning Documentary


A Jamie Hull Greenwood debut micro documentary, narrated by British landscape artist Greg Ramsden, examining his motivations and relationship to his personal process creating award winning paintings. The film discusses the emotive and practical reasoning behind how Ramsden's art is created and the personal obstacles faced by the artist as well as creative people in general. The film seeks to portray an honest account of the fears, thoughts, history and challenges faced by Ramsden, but also in a wider sense, it can be related to by anyone who commits to what they love. The film stands as an attempt to present a contrast to the false, often forced self promotion needed by creatives to sell and market their work.